City of Cleveland Neighborhood Market Drilldown

A Study Conducted by Social Compact

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City of Cleveland Overview

Overview Report Contents
Overview Executive Summary
The narrative portion of the study provides a general overview of the findings and key observations of the Neighborhood Market Drilldown in the all of Cleveland's neighborhoods.
Overview Drilldown Slides
The Drilldown Slides are comprised of visuals, including maps, charts, and graphs, illustrating the conclusions of the Drilldown study.

Cleveland Aggregate Drilldown Report
The report component of the Drilldown is consists of a series of tables containing various data for all of Cleveland. To adjust the orientation of the pages of this file so that they appear horizontal, please use the rotator tool located in the top toolbar of Adobe Reader.

  Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to access all City of Cleveland Neighborhood Market Drilldown reports. You can download it free by clicking here.



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