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The Neighborhood Market Drilldown study divides the city of Cleveland into six districts, each of which are comprised of five to seven neighborhoods. Detailed data is available for each neighborhood and district, as well as the entire city of Cleveland.

Please click the name of the district that you are interested in exploring. For quick reference, direct links to the individual districts have been provided in the left-hand menu.

District 1 Neighborhoods

Edgewater, Cudell, West Boulevard, Puritas Longmead, Kamms Corners, Jefferson, Riverside

District 2 Neighborhoods

Tremont, Ohio City, Detroit Shoreway, Stockyards, Clark Fulton, Brooklyn Centre, Old Brooklyn

District 3 Neighborhoods

Downtown, Central, Goodrich Kirtland, Industrial Valley, North Broadway, South Broadway

District 4 Neighborhoods

Kinsman, Woodland Hills, Union Miles, Mt. Pleasant, Corlett, Lee Miles

District 5 Neighborhoods

St. Clair Superior, Hough, Fairfax, University, Buckeye Shaker

District 6 Neighborhoods

North Collinwood, South Collinwood, Euclid Green, Forest Hills, Glenville

Citywide - Cleveland Overall


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