City of Cleveland Neighborhood Market Drilldown

A Study Conducted by Social Compact

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District 1 Neighborhoods

West Boulevard
Puritas Longmead
Kamms Corners



District 1 Report Contents
District 1 Narrative
The narrative portion of the study provides a general overview of the findings and key observations of the Neighborhood Market Drilldown in the District 1 neighborhoods.
District 1 Drilldown Slides
The Drilldown Slides are comprised of visuals, including maps, charts, and graphs, illustrating the conclusions of the Drilldown study.
District 1 Drilldown Report
The report component of the Drilldown is consists of a series of tables containing various data for each individual neighborhood in District 1 as well as aggregated totals for that district as a whole. To adjust the orientation of the pages of this file so that they appear horizontal, please use the rotator tool located in the top toolbar of Adobe Reader.
  Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to access all City of Cleveland Neighborhood Market Drilldown reports. You can download it free by clicking here.


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