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About Us

NeighborhoodLink is an online resource designed for the people of Cleveland to receive information about the neighborhoods in which they live, links to area nonprofit and neighborhood-based organizations offering a variety of services and programs, and information about community issues with which neighborhoods and their residents are currently involved.

NeighborhoodLink also functions as a catalyst for nonprofit and neighborhood-based organizations to more effectively communicate their missions, activities, services to constituents and operates to support neighborhood development.


- Sources for data and statistics of all types and geographic areas of all sizes

- Virtual tours of Cleveland’s neighborhoods

- Information about available programs and services in the areas of housing, education, employment, and much more

- Links to nonprofit and community organizations serving residents of Cleveland neighborhoods

- Upcoming community events and public meetings

- Free weekly Neighborhood News e-newsletter

- The Plain Press, the community newspaper serving the West Side neighborhoods of Cleveland

- Much, much more!

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