October 2007 Letters to the Editor

Plain Press reader raises issues about quality of reporting

To the editor: (Plain Press, October 2007) Psst Psst...I read your newspaper every time it comes out. You sound like a broken record now -- El Tropical. La Copa and Clark-Metro development Corporation. I am surprised you did not report on the Mutt Hut or Envy this time around.)
I get it.  You don't like La Copa. You also don't like El Tropical. So you hound them. I get your point - you only want houses in our ward.

You seem infatuated with the high school government drama called Clark-Metro Development Corporation. What are they - in high school? I can't believe you printed their resignation letters. Enough of them already! That's done and over with. Good riddance to a useless community agency. What a waste of our funds that was. But whatever, let’s move on.

My point is: if you want to serve as a newspaper for our community, your reporters need to be more responsible with their stories. A reporter is not fair if he or she is personally slanted on the issues being covered. By reading an article, one can tell the political position of your reporter - issue after issue. What are you a high school newspaper?

Irving Velez


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