Community organizations review Cuyahoga County’s PRC Program

(Plain Press, October 2007) United Clevelanders Against Poverty (UCAP) and the Membership Council of the Empowerment Center of Greater Cleveland have joined together to look at Cuyahoga County’s Prevention, Retention and Contingency (PRC) Program.

The stated purpose of the PRC is to help low income residents who find themselves in a nonrecurring, short-term, crisis-oriented situation and need some kind of financial assistance. The intent is to find other ways to provide needed help other than putting someone on public assistance or keeping them on public assistance longer than may be necessary.

UCAP and the Membership Council was concerned that the PRC program might not be fully utilized if those who need help do not know about or understand the PRC program, are often discouraged from applying by caseworkers, do not hear back on applications on a timely basis or are denied assistance and do not understand why. While this does not happen to all, it appeared that there are problems with the program that need to be resolved.

As a result, UCAP and the Membership Council have held a series of meeting to hear and document community concerns, with the intent of developing recommendations to present to the County at a meeting later this year.

Additional input from the community is welcome and encouraged. The next PRC Community Review Committee meeting will take place on October 10th at 6pm at the May Dugan Center at 4115 Bridge.

The groups invite all members of the community who would like to share their PRC story or concern and/or become part of this working group to attend. “It is important that as many voices have possible contribute to this process and that we have a good idea of the extent of the problem”, said Tim Walters of the May Dugan Center.

For more information call Tim Walters at 631-5800 or Diana King at 939-9528.


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