Area doctors and nurses express concern about pollution at Mittal Steel

(Plain Press, October 2007) Over the last seven months 317 doctors and nurses have written Mittal Steel’s Plant Manager Terry Fedor about the links between heart and lung damage and asthma and Mittal Steel’s fine particle pollution.

According to Mittal Steel’s reports to the Ohio EPA, Mittal Steel is the biggest polluter in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County. In 2006 Mittal Steel released 872,880 pounds of fine particle pollution into Cleveland’s air, an increase of 66,200 pounds over 2005. The risk from fine particle pollution on human health is highest for children, the elderly, and people with existing heart and lung conditions.

Since Mittal Steel took over the downtown Cleveland steel mill, 26,500 northeast Ohio residents have written Mittal’s Plant Manager urging he turn his attention immediately to updating pollution controls at the mill.

 In a letter dated August 17, 2007, Ina Roth, neighbor of Mittal Steel, wrote Plant Manager Terry Fedor saying, “Our children are at great risk, Mr. Fedor. To see a small child with an asthma inhaler is a very sad thing. It is time for you to listen to the doctors of Cleveland; they know, they treat what should be prevented. It is time to do something about pollution from your facility in the places where we live and breathe. The Neighbors of Mittal Steel group invites you to meet, Mr. Fedor, so that a solution can be found."

To learn more about the Neighbors of Mittal Steel group or to join them for an upcoming community meeting contact Liz Ilg with Ohio Citizen Action at (216) 861-5200 or


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