Max Hayes graduates gain access to union pre-apprenticeship program

(Plain Press, August 2007) The Board of Trustees of the Union Construction Industry Partnership passed a resolution on Friday, July 13, 2007 to designate one class each year in its Union Construction Industry Partnership-Apprenticeship Skills Achievement Program (UCIP-ASAP) to graduates from the Max Hayes High School’s Construction Program.

Under the proposal Max Hayes graduates would attend an eight-week UCIP-ASAP class. Upon successful completion of the class, they would be guaranteed a spot in a union apprenticeship program in one of seventeen unions participating in the partnership.

UCIP-ASAP was created to increase the number of Clevelanders in the construction trades in order to help meet the requirements of the City of Cleveland’s Fannie Lewis law. The law requires that Clevelanders receive 20% of construction jobs when the City of Cleveland contributes $100,000 or more toward a project.

UCIP-ASAP has set a goal of moving a total of 60 graduates, including those from Max Hayes,  each year into apprenticeships. UCIP-ASAP Executive Director Cindy Marizette said details have not yet been worked out as to when the first class with Max Hayes graduates will start.

Community activists such as Don Freeman have been working for  access for Cleveland students to construction jobs created by the bond issues to repair and rebuild Cleveland schools. Freeman lobbied at the Cleveland Board of Education and the Bond Accountability Commission meetings in hopes that the program would be in place before the end of this past school year, enabling 2007 Max Hayes graduates to participate this year.  Several delays moved the decision into mid-summer.


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