La Copa owner and manager sentenced on liquor violations

(Plain Press, July 2007) On May 30th the owner of the La Copa Sports Bar, Gennie Rodriguez, and the club’s manager Raed Sadik, pleaded no contest to charges stemming from an October 28th Halloween party. Fliers advertised a $30 cover charge for an all-you-can-drink party.

Rodriguez and Sadik were charged with violations of the state liquor laws for selling liquor prior to having a license for the bar at 2704 Clark Avenue.  In a plea deal, Sadik was given the maximum sentence for a first-degree misdemeanor, 180 days and a $1,000 fine. Judge Pauline Tarver placed Sadik on one-year probation and required that he perform 50 hours of community service by July 1st. She suspended all the jail time and $700 of the fine.

Judge Tarver placed Rodriguez in the Strategic Intervention Program for one year. The program requires Rodriquez to attend some classes and visit with a probation officer.

The May 30th plea came after several continuances of the case. A jury trial originally scheduled for May 23rd was postponed so Sadik’s and Rodriguez’s lawyer could view videotape evidence and testimony of witnesses. After their lawyer viewed the evidence, Sadik and Rodriguez opted to plea “no contest” to the charges rather than face a jury trial as originally planned.

Second District Vice Detective John Graves said the “no contest” plea by Sadik was significant, because Sadik was, in effect, admitting to being the manager of the La Copa Sports Bar. In prior zoning hearings and public meetings, Sadik, a convicted felon, has not admitted to being the manager of the bar.


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