Construction program grads – not journeymen yet

(Plain Press, July 2007) In an article in the June issue of the Plain Press titled “Construction trades program produces first two journeyman”, Cinty Marizette, the new Executive Director of the Union Construction Industry-Apprenticeship Skill Achievement Program, (UCIP-ASAP) said program graduates Anthony Blythers and Anthony Harrison had achieved journeyman status.

Blythers called the Plain Press to clarify several inaccuracies in the article. He said while he and Harrison had completed the classroom hours necessary to become a journeyman, 432 hours are required (144 per year for 3 years), not 144 hours as stated in the article.

Blythers said that the article was accurate in stating 3,600 hours on the job were necessary to become a journeyman in the Roofers and Waterproofers Union (Local 44), but neither he nor Harrison had yet worked enough hours to achieve journeyman status. In early June, Blythers said he still needed about 300 more hours on the job. He estimated that Harrison, who started working after he did, needs at least 1,000 more hours.

Blythers said he and Harrison both graduated from the UCIP-ASAP eight-week program on April 12, 2004. (He said they were in UCIP-ASAP’s second graduating class – because of their small size the first two classes were combined to form one graduating class).

Blythers said he began working at T.S. Systems as a roofer in May 10, 2004 making $11 per hour. He is now doing waterproofing for Western Waterproofing and making $23.19 per hour, one pay grade away from journeyman status. Blythers said he is working a lot of hours now, and estimated that he would achieve journeyman status in about a month and a half. When he becomes a journeyman, Blythers says his pay will increase to $26. 35 per hour.


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