Acting Commander Goode doesn’t buy bar owner’s story
by Chuck Hoven

(Plain Press, July 2007) Owners of The Next Level Club, 4105 Clark Avenue, came to the Second District Police Community Relations Committee meeting at Applewood Center on June 12th and said they were new operators and wanted residents to know they were working to clean up the area around the club. They said they were working to fix problems created by previous bars at that location. The new bar managers then expressed concern that they were being the target of undue complaints about the club and visits by police.

Acting Second District Commander David Goode, a 37-year veteran of the Police Force, did not buy the “good bar owner” routine. Goode said, “The bar is a real problem.” He said there have been complaints of fights and loud music stemming from the bar, with the bar recently cited three times. Goode said citations included after-hours operation and serving a minor. Goode also made reference to a shooting incident involving the security guard at the bar.

He told the new operators of the bar, “You are not running a clean operation. If you clean up your act, we won’t be over there.” Goode said vice officers in the Second District have more than enough complaints to work on and if there were no problems at the bar they “would have no reason for visiting the bar.”

According to the City Record of the June 11th  City Council Meeting, Ward 14 Councilman Joe Santiago introduced emergency legislation withdrawing objections to the renewal of a D5 and D6 Liquor Permit at 4105 Clark Avenue. (Res. No.1011- 07). Santiago, who attended the Community Relations Committee Meeting, did not respond to Captain Goode’s comments about the establishment, nor did he mention the legislation passed by council the night before.


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