Residents issue alert about gangs on W. 52nd Street

(Plain Press, June 2007) A resident writing to the Ohio City Yahoo Group site issued an alert about a gang active on W. 52nd Street and W. 50th Street in the area between Lorain Avenue and Franklin Boulevard. The woman said the gang has forced her out of her home and calls to the Safety Director and Second District Commander about the situation were not returned.

The resident describes the group as “ 15-20 young males of all races anywhere from age 16-25. They tend to wear all black w/ black hoodies and have Nextel walkie-talkies to alert each other of activity. I have witnessed these men fighting in the streets, carrying handguns & baseball bats, making blatant drug deals, and throwing bricks through windows, etc.”

Another neighborhood resident also complained about the gang via email to a local non-profit organization. The resident reported five shots fired at a teenage girl on W. 52nd and a youth fleeing the scene with a hoodie covering his head. This resident reported that police responded to her call and have stepped up patrols. At the urging of staff of the local non-profit organization, she called Blaine Griffin, Director of Community Relations for the city of Cleveland.

Residents wishing to report further incidents by this gang are urged to call Community Relations Director Blaine Griffin at 664-3290.


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