RTA plans to extend hours for Tremont Community Circulator

(Plain Press May 2007) Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) Public Relations Manager Chad Self says RTA will extend the hours of operation of the #807 Tremont Community Circulator bus in early June to help accommodate the needs of employees at the new Steelyard Commons shopping complex.

The evening hours of the bus will be extended to about 10 p.m. The bus currently runs from 5:45 a.m. till about 8 p.m. on weekdays and from 7:45 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekends. Fares for the circulator bus are 75¢ per ride, half the cost of local bus fare, which is currently $1.50 per ride.

The RTA Circulator bus currently runs every half hour. The circulator bus route takes about 45 minutes to travel from Ridge and Denison to Lakeview Terrace just north of Detroit Avenue. Stops on the route include MetroHealth Medical Center on Scranton, Quigley and Steelyard, W. 14th and Starkweather, and the W. 25th Street Rapid Station.

Many Near West Side residents now work at stores at Steelyard Commons. Merrick House in Tremont was involved in helping with recruiting employees for the Target Store and Clark Metro Development Corporation helped with the hiring process for the Home Depot.

Both the Target and Home Depot store are already open at Steelyard Commons. Staples, Best Buy and Famous Shoe Mart are scheduled to open on May 5th. The largest store in the complex, Wal-Mart, is scheduled to open in September of this year.

The RTA Tremont Community Circulator is also an important method of transportation for many shoppers along its route. This includes businesses in competition with Steelyard Commons. A sign now posted prominently inside the entrance at Dave’s Supermarket at W. 26th and Bridge Avenue offers Circulator Bus riders who shop at Dave’s free round trip tickets.

To access schedules for the #807 Tremont Community Circulator go to www.rideRTA.com. Go to Timetables, Routes and Schedules and scroll down to the #807 Tremont Community Circulator. Weekday and Evening Schedules are available with estimated times of arrival at key points on the bus route.


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