Review: Posting on OhioCity2 Yahoo Group resorts to violent threats

(Plain Press May 2007) The postings on neighborhood yahoo groups have led to the staff of Ohio City Development Corporation being banned from the sites, and played a role in the recent firing of Clark Metro Development Corporation Executive Director Steve Kruger. (see related article.)

This past month, the OhioCity2 yahoo group, which prints material not allowed on the OhioCity yahoo group, descended into the realm of violent threats. The posting came from a person going under the pseudonym of James Thomas Jr., or jvjhusband. Please note, before reading the following posting that the content of the posting may prove disturbing.

The following threats were posted on the ohiocity2 yahoo group at 6:02 a.m. on Sunday April 15th by James Thomas, Jr. or jvjhusband:

“well Vigi you started this so hope you can take it. we have organized over 30 people who are tired of your crap. you say there is gangs, hookers, drug dealer etc in our ward well they are prepared to kick some ass. starting with teddy, nelson, henry, brentton, rick and any others who continue with all this poo slinging and threats of exposing lies. hope you enjoy looking over your shoulder because they will be watching you now. enough is enough and this ward will not tolerate you trying to destroy it. when fingers get broke its a bit hard to type out this evil and when heads are bashed in everyone will know who is   behind all of this. we have spent the last 6 hours going over this and if you want a fight you just brought it on. hope your insurance is paid up because the medical bills will be high. your words will not help you when are in the gutter and all beat up. like i said you started this but there is a group now willing to finish it. when you act like an asshole you will get treated like one. even the police support us on this one it will be a shame when they don’t respond to you calls of help. the crap starts now .you talk about the mob well wait to you see us in action the mob will want to take us to diner after this.”

Editor’s Note: Vigi refers to the Ward 14 Vigilante -- a regular contributor to the group. The Ohio City 2 yahoo group can be accessed at


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