Classic Connections agrees to conditions sought by residents

(Plain Press May 2007) Residents on Scranton Road expressed their concerns about fumes, noise and hours of operation of the Classic Connections in testimony before the Board of Zoning Appeals. Illegal parking spots in the setback in front of the business were also a concern. However, members of the Lincoln Heights Scranton Starkweather Block Club said they supported the idea of the business continuing to operate an auto body and auto repair shop at the location as long as certain conditions were met. Ward 14 Councilman Joe Santiago said he was in support of granting the variance with the conditions requested by residents in the area.

John Bartley, the owner of Classic Connections at 2613-37 Scranton Road agreed to conditions set forth by the Board of Zoning Appeals at an April 9th hearing to grant a variance to allow continued operation of the business on the site.

Bartley agreed to:
limit hours of operation to the hours between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.
contain noise from the operation within the building by closing windows and the bay doors to contain the noise
contain fumes, vapors and odors through use of environmental ventilation equipment
limit work to vehicles within the building only, not in the parking area
pave the lot south of the building for his vehicles and for employee parking
refrain from blocking the sidewalk with vehicles parked in front of the building
limit parking in front of the building to seven striped parking spaces, and
have no overnight storage of vehicles in front of the building.

"Block Club members living in the surrounding residential districts are happy the Zoning Board applied specific conditions to establish this business’s legal use. These conditions should resolve the majority of the neighbors’ concerns," said Henry Senyak, Co-Chair of the Lincoln Heights Scranton Starkweather Block Club.

One block club concern not addressed at this hearing is a parking lease between Classic Connections and the owners of the former Starkweather Tavern. While the lease was terminated at the request of Cleveland Housing Court, residents are concerned that the variance of the Starkweather Tavern be modified to reflect having fewer parking spots, thus lowering the occupancy allowed at the business.


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