Weed and Seed Christmas party brings delight to many

(Plain Press, January 2007) Hundreds of children walked with their parents or grandparents down Detroit Avenue on Saturday December 23rd with thoughts of Santa and Christmas on their minds. Their destination was the Weed and Seed Christmas Party at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church Hall. Once at the party, neighborhood children visited with Santa, listened to Christmas music played by musicians Rod Samples and Dan Davis, watched dancing costumed characters such as Frosty the Snowman and enjoyed pizza, cookies and punch. Parents and grandparents accompanying the children encouraged the children to sit on Santa’s lap for a picture. The children eagerly opened presents offered to each child in attendance.

Seven hundred children signed up to receive presents at the party, says Brian Morningstar of Toys for Girls and Boys, which volunteered its services to help Weed and Seed host the party.

Morningstar said the Cleveland Construction Building Trades Council Labor Local 310 donated toys for the children. He also thanked the Cleveland Police officers for their assistance with the event.

Weed and Seed is a federally funded program designed to combat crime and build community in the area from W. 73rd to W. 85th between Lorain Avenue and Lake Avenue.


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