Nurse’s Corner
Holiday Stress Reduction Tips

(Plain Press, December 2006) During this busy holiday season remember to take time to enjoy family and friends in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.  Here are some ways to relax and eliminate stressful situations that will assist you to enjoy the holiday season.

Put yourself at the top the list, and give yourself something you long for: A day off or a lunch date with an old friend.

1.Get some pleasurable exercise, fresh air and some hugs every day.

2.Find humor at work, home, the gym, the laundromat.  Laughter is the best stress-reliever.  Your smiling encourages others to smile back.

3.Give small personal gifts that you create, bake or put together.  Personal gifts are often thought of highly and make the most out of your personal talents.

4.Reach out and volunteer.  Opportunities abound in December to volunteer.

5.Get yourself a pen and paper and create a personal journal.  Personal notes are a fine way to reduce stress and create a legacy.

6.Rent thoughtful and inspiring movies or distract yourself with funny comedies.

7.Close your eyes, clear your mind and find balance by focusing on your breathing.  Slowly, repeatedly exhale through one nostril and inhale through the other.  Your will find this stress reliever soothing and relaxing.

8.WISH!  For you…for someone else…world peace…Wish really big!  Write a “wish list” for the New Year.

9.Meditate and find a peaceful quiet corner…take time off and have a wonderful holiday season.

The nurses of WILLCARE offer Nurse’s Corner as a monthly feature to Plain Press readers. For more stress reduction tips during the holiday season, contact your WILLCARE nurse at 216-289-5300 or visit us on the web at

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