Letter to the Editor

Reader seeks better coverage of neighborhoods along Madison Avenue

(Plain Press, December 2006) To the editor: I am a lifelong resident of the area between W.85 and W.110 Street in the Madison neighborhood. I would like to know why there is never any news about our area in the Plain Press or, for that matter, in the Plain Dealer.

We call ourselves "The Forgotten Zone". This is the area where two policemen were shot and killed. You would think that somewhere, somebody would address our issues or beautify our neighborhood. I for one am sick of hearing about Clifton Ave, Detroit Ave, Fulton, and W.25th.

This is NOT our area, so please don't think this paper or the Plain Dealer are doing us any favors. The only thing I read is how much better this area has become. My question to anyone who thinks that this area is getting better is ... Are you sure you know what neighborhood you're thinking of?

There aren't even any mentions of this crime-ridden area in the West Side Sun. Isn't it the duty of the Police Department to warn citizens of crime that has occurred in a neighborhood?  I think it is.  The man who shot and killed the police officer had raped a woman a half  block away from where I live and nobody in this neighborhood knew about it.  Why?

Frank Caffrey


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