State bill spells trouble for Cleveland

(Plain Press, November 2006) The Ohio legislature is considering a bill that could damage services of all kinds to Clevelanders and make it harder to invest in education and health care. House Bill 626 would speed up the income-tax reductions passed by the legislature last year. The same cuts would take place, but they would be phased in faster.

The bill would reduce state revenue by $191 million in the current fiscal year, and another $676 million for the two-year budget that begins next July. The bill would also reduce revenue to local governments for basic services.  This will take away needed programs that pay for services such as Health Care, Day Care and Senior Programs and could result in more cuts for these programs.  

Much of the tax reductions will go to the richest Ohioans. So far, the bill has passed the House Ways & Means Committee. The legislature will be back in session after the Nov. 7 election and will decide on this before the end of the year.  

Upset?  Mad? Want to let your legislator know how you feel? Contact Advocates for Budget Legislation Equity (ABLE) for information on how to become involved. ABLE is currently developing handouts and expect to have speakers available to speak to groups.  For more information on how to get involved call Larry Bresler (431-6070) or Tim Walters (631-5800).  


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