Councilman Joe Santiago named Ward 14 Club Leader

by Chuck Hoven

(Plain Press, October 2006) According to the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party’s website Ward 14 Councilman Joe Santiago has been named temporary Ward Club Leader for the Ward 14 Democratic Club. Ward Club member and former Ward 14 Councilman Nelson Cintron, Jr. says he had just learned of the appointment and had not yet heard from Democratic Party Chairman Jimmy Dimora to confirm whether he approved the appointment of Santiago to the post. The Ward Leader post became open when Ward Club Leader Bob Woodworth passed away late this summer. Cintron says Ward Leaders are elected by the Precinct Committee people in the Ward Club and according to the Cuyahoga County’s Democratic Party’s bylaws must live and vote in the ward to be a ward leader. Santiago, a Ward 13 resident, does not live or vote in Ward 14.

According to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, Cuyahoga County Democratic Party bylaws govern procedures for replacing Ward Club leaders. When no specific rules are listed in the bylaws then the Ohio Revised Code Title 35 applies.

Cintron says that back before the May primary, Santiago tried to assume the position of Ward Leader when Bob Woodworth went on vacation. Cintron says Santiago voted on key party endorsements, several of which were reversed when Woodworth returned and Santiago’s votes were determined to be illegal. While both Ward leaders and City Council representatives vote on the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party’s endorsements, Cintron says Santiago votes as part of the Ward 13 Club because he does not live in Ward 14 as required by party rules.

Under Woodworth the club met at St. Procop on the first Wednesday of each month from September through May. Cintron says the September meeting was cancelled because the notices didn’t go out on time. Future meeting dates and times have not yet been determined. Cintron says a new Ward Club leader will be elected at the next Ward Club Meeting. The Cuyahoga County Democratic Party’s website asks those interested in information about meeting information to call Councilman Santiago at 771-3755.


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