Letters to the Editor

Reader finds Detroit Avenue police checkpoint disturbing

(Plain Press, September 2006) To the editor: Out driving on Saturday, 08.26, heading west on Detroit Rd. at approximately midnight, my friend and I were stopped at a DUI checkpoint erected by the CPD at 54th Street.

 With cruisers twelve deep, it became starkly clear to me how quickly they can flip the script. This show of force and direct control of the population demonstrates how fast and how hard the enforcers of the regime can and will come down when they get their orders.

 In the name of keeping us “safe,” these cops can pull over every motorist on the road and run their ID. Talk about casting a wide net. They don’t have to target people who don’t “look right” or racially profile; they can just set up a checkpoint and screen every single person going down the road.

 Welcome to the new normalcy where the images of war the public is constantly bombarded with are introduced as standard procedure. Standard procedure that is, in a police state.

Rebekka Willow


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