Speed trap takes advantage of drivers on W. 117th

(Plain Press, August 2006) A Ward 19 resident reports that W. 117th Street changes from 35 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour as one crosses Lorain Avenue going northbound. Both a tree branch and a detour sign block a driver’s view of the speed limit sign.  If you are traveling in the curb lane, it is difficult to see the speed change until you are almost on top of the sign. Cleveland police are taking advantage of this, using new hand held photo cameras to photograph cars coming north on W. 117th and issue tickets.

The Ward 19 resident reported getting two speeding tickets at the site. However, the resident says she did not receive notice of the infractions until three months after the date on the ticket. The notice of the infractions was issued in a letter mailed to her place of residence.

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