Letters to the Editor

Moda nightmare raises concerns

(Plain Press, August 2006) To the editor: I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your article that discussed Councilman Santiago and his connections with area bars and nightclubs.  I live on W. 25th in Santiago's ward and lived a total nightmare with Moda and all of the problems that surrounded that club.  I e-mailed, called, and even wrote a letter to Santiago at City Hall.  At first I received 1 voicemail from Joe letting me know that he "reads me loud and clear."  A few weeks passed, the noise, and violence escalated so I e-mailed Joe, no response, I called him, no response.  I maybe e-mailed him 5-6 times about Moda within a 2-month time frame.  Not once did I receive a response.  I sent them to his personal and work e-mail. 
To hear about the murder at Envy and all of their problems and the growth of shady businessmen opening bars in the area, I am growing very concerned with the potential disaster that might happen with such establishments only growing in their numbers. The safety of our families, friends and visitors are at risk because of his lack of attention or care for safety especially since he is a member of the City of Cleveland's Public Safety Committee.  Keep up the good work.  I look forward to reading more in the Plain Press about the issue.

David O'Neill
West 25th Street

Concerned about Junkyard Expansion

(Plain Press, August 2006) To the editor: I read your article on Ward 14 Councilman Joe Santiago about the bars.

Now I want to tell you, how Councilman Santiago is trying to get part of W. 25th to W. 20th (by Potter Court) rezoned so they can store used wood, work on and store junk cars, etc. ( causing rats, smells etc.).

We had a meeting and one of the residents on W. 20th stated when they had the fire (at SASS Auto Wrecking), it scorched the back of her house. The noise was terrible. They worked night and day.

I went to the meeting and spoke my piece, but what can I do?

Please check into this and help.

Millie Bellamy

Board of Elections is Guilty

(Plain Press, August 2006) To the editor: Michael Vu, his top staff and the whole Board of Directors should resign immediately.  Not one of them did the jobs they were paid to do -- make sure that voters in Cuyahoga County voted in fair elections.  Polls opening late, lost ballots and the ineptness by the Board of Elections staff because Michael Vu decided that they did not need 5 days of training on the electronic voting machines offered by Diebold - makes Cuyahoga County look far worse than third world nations holding their very first elections!

As far as I can see, the May 2 Primary Election was the most corrupt election ever conducted by the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections and the results should all be thrown out!   Along with those responsible who chose to be irresponsible.

Vel Rice


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