Precinct Committee races in Ward 14 draw attention

(Plain Press, July 2006) Only six months after the Joe Santiago defeat Nelson Cintron, Jr. in the November 2005 City Council race, Ward 14 voters showed they may be closely divided in their support for the two contenders in that City Council election.  The Ward 14 Precinct Committee races in the May 4,2006 primary featured an unusually high number of contended races, with Ward 14 Councilman Joe Santiago and former Ward 14 Councilman Nelson Cintron, Jr. endorsing candidates and taking sides. At stake in the precinct committee races is control of the ward club and the possibility of controlling the Democratic Party’s endorsement in the next City Council race in 2009.

While allies of both Santiago and Cintron scored victories in the precinct committee races, a comparison of May 6 precinct committee results indicates that if the former councilman gains the support in the ward club of all those he endorsed, he will control the Ward club by a slim margin. Such a conclusion will be difficult to gauge until the precinct committee people elect a ward leader, as one endorsed precinct committee person told the Plain Press she was not allied with either Santiago or Cintron.  Cintron was elected precinct committee person in the Ward 14 precinct in which he lives. Santiago, who lives in Ward 13, was not a candidate.


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