I-71/SR 176 Exits to W. 14th Street: Quigley Road Connector

(Plain Press, July 2006) The Quigley Road connector project to link I-71/SR 176 at W. 14th Street to Quigley Road is underway.

W. 14th Street is CLOSED from Clark Ave. to the bridge over I-71 for 45 days beginning June 19th. Additionally, the SR 176 exit ramp to W. 14th Street is also closed. Motorists will be asked to exit at Harvard/Denison.  Local traffic will be permitted to access driveways from Clark Ave. only.

Northbound W. 14th will be closed at Valentine Ave. near Metro Health Medical Center and no traffic will be able to cross the bridge over I-71 in either direction during this 45-day closure. I-71 traffic is not impacted until mid-July.

Quigley Road north of Clark Avenue is reduced to one lane. Motorists are being directed through the area with a temporary signal, which allows one direction of traffic to pass through at a time. Clark Avenue at Quigley is also reduced. Moderate delays are expected through the area.

Motorists are no longer able to go northbound on W. 14th from Valentine Ave. Traffic coming out of Valentine Ave. will only be able to turn right. This is a permanent reconfiguration.


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