City to move forward on purchase of Midland Steel site

(Plain Press, July 2006) On June 1st Mayor Frank Jackson announced that the City of Cleveland will complete the acquisition of the 21-acre Midland Steel site at Madison and Berea Road.

Westside Industrial Retention and Expansion Network (WIRE-Net) and its community partner Cudell Improvement have been working closely with the City of Cleveland to prepare a redevelopment plan for the site ever since Midland declared bankruptcy in 2003.  Extensive clean-up and site preparation is needed before the site is ready for several potential manufacturing users identified as interested in moving to the site.

WIRE-Net Vice President of Redevelopment Mike Hoag says WIRE-Net is working closely with Andrew Watterson, the City of Cleveland’s Sustainability Program Manager, to blend environmental design and green building standards into the redevelopment plans. “This decision will result in the redevelopment of a major brownfield site. WIRE-Net and our partners, including Cudell Improvement, look to set a new standard for industrial development in northeast Ohio by using high performance redevelopment principles,” said Hoag.

According to Hoag, Cleveland’s industrial real estate market has picked up in the last 18 months. WIRE-Net and the City of Cleveland have fielded inquiries from at least 41 firms looking for 110-170 acres of ready-to-build land. “This site can help Cleveland capture more of this demand,” said Hoag.


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