Two new venues join May Tremont Art Walk

(Plain Press, June 2006) The Friday, May 12th Tremont Art Walk featured two new locations – Tremont Montessori School and the F.D. Roosevelt Post and Club Fifty Eight.

Tremont Montessori School students joined the Tremont Art Walk crowd, as the school became a participant in the May Art Walk. Students displayed art reflecting the traditional work of artists of different world cultures. The display included Australian Aboriginal art, Southeast Asian art, and South American art. Volunteers brought various ethnic foods to compliment the artwork.

The other new participant was the Polish Legion of American Veterans F.D. Roosevelt Post and Club Fifty Eight, at 2442 Professor Avenue.  In the upstairs of the facility, Artist Shirley McGuire, age 76, publicly displayed her work for the first time. McGuire’s colorful pastel paintings included original work as well as copies of portraits of famous people.  A frequent subject of her work is her granddaughter. The second floor also featured a history of the Polish Legion of American Veterans.

In addition to participating in the artwalk, the F.D. R. Post of the Polish Legion of American Veterans held an open house allowing the public to see their newly renovated facility. It was the first time the facility was open to the public since 1945. The post offered guest kielbasa and sauerkraut and complimentary snacks, as well as tours of the facility. The first floor of the facility features the canteen, a slate billiard table, 50s-60s juke box, a bowling machine and beverages.

In the basement, encased behind bars so as not to be disturbed is a monument to Missing Prisoners of War. The simple table is set to reserve a space at the club and to remember these soldiers.


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