Graffiti on Scranton stops with bar closing

(Plain Press, June 2006) Residents of the area served by the Lincoln Heights/Scranton-Starkweather Block Club say the graffiti problem on the corner of Scranton and Starkweather has stopped since the Starkweather nightclub closed on April 21st. The residents are not surprised since they have video and audiotapes of the activities of a group of the nightclub’s patrons emerging from the bar and proceeding to tag utility fixtures and buildings as they left the bar on foot headed for their next watering hole.

The group of young adults, estimated by residents to be in their 20s and 30s, taped doing their tagging from mid November of 2005 through March of this year. Neighborhood residents, who call the graffiti vandals “The Tremont Taggers” say the group is still tagging areas around the Lincoln Park Pub and the Lava Lounge. Noting the continued tagging of areas around other Tremont bars and the cessation of graffiti around the Starkweather after its closing, Henry P. Senyak, Co-Chair of the Lincoln Heights/Scranton-Starkweather Block Club says of the graffiti vandalism, “It is all about bars. More and more people are getting that connection.”


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