Detroit Avenue industrial site receives funds for cleanup

(Plain Press, May 2006) The site of the former Monarch Aluminum/Trinity Building at 9203 Detroit Avenue is now slated for cleanup for redevelopment. On Monday, March 27th, the Clean Ohio Assistance Fund (COAF) announced a $750,000 grant has been awarded for brownfield remediation activities at the site.

Energy Wise Building Systems, LLC, a manufacturer of energy-efficient panelized building systems, plans to invest approximately $3.2 million in a new office/warehouse facility on the 5.6 acre site, owned by the City of Cleveland's Industrial Land Bank.  Energy Wise Building Systems is a member organization of the Westside Industrial Retention and Expansion Network (WIRE-Net).

Jacki Adams, WIRE-Net's Industrial Outreach Manager, has been working with Energy Wise for the past 12 months.  Adams praised Energy Wise Building Systems principal partners, Joe Gallo and Mark and Brett Crudele, for their investment in the project. "The construction of this new facility will permit the company to expand operations and add 35 new jobs. That's good news for Energy Wise and great news for Cleveland," said Adams. According to Adams, the City of Cleveland would like to use the Energy Wise development as a sustainability model for future development activity at the nearby Midland Steel site at Berea and Madison.

Clean Ohio Assistance Fund grants target projects in distressed communities that support job creation and economic expansion. Monies are used for Phase I and II Environmental Assessments, brownfield remediation, and public health projects. According to Mike Hoag, WIRE-Net's Vice President of Redevelopment, the former Monarch Aluminum/Trinity Building site has been on WIRE-Net's "short list" for some time.  WIRE-Net used $55,000 from a USEPA grant in 2000 to launch assessment efforts to understand the environmental issues now being addressed with this grant. "We were very pleased the City made this property one of the Industrial Land Bank's first acquisitions.  This is a prime piece of real estate that meets the Clean Ohio Assistance Fund guidelines perfectly. Once demolition and remediation are complete, the property will bring new investment and a cutting edge manufacturing company into the city."


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