Program helps landlords make available property visible to tenants

(Plain Press, April 2006) There is now a free and easy resource, called ( that landlords can utilize to list their affordable rental properties. Landlords can list apartments, duplexes, single homes, shared living facilities, and other residential rental property. Just about any landlord with affordable rental property is eligible to list. Affordable rentals include those that accept vouchers as well as those who do not.

Listing is available for all of Cuyahoga County.  This service is beneficial to big landlords, those with only one property, and everything in between.

Foremost, specifically serves the affordable housing market. Many individuals and agencies in our area are looking for affordable rental properties. This is a centralized resource that allows for quick and easy listings that potential renters can access.

 Second, this resource also allows landlords to control their property. It is quick and easy to remove a property from the listing when it does rent, so as to avoid unwanted telephone calls.

 Third, landlords have the benefit of showcasing specific details about their rental property, such as photos as well as application requirements. Finally, landlords can save money on advertising expenses. This service is entirely free, which will save money for more important maintenance expenses.

There are three simple and fast steps to listing an affordable rental. The first step is to fill out a registration form online by logging onto or by calling the toll free phone number at 1-877-428.8844 ext. 204. The next step is to get a landlord user name or password. The final step is to list and manage the property information. Additional assistance and support is available. This entire process usually takes no more than five minutes, but it get a landlord’s rental housing seen by thousands of users at no cost.


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