Detroit Shoreway Annual Meeting features community awards

(Plain Press, March 2006) The Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization held their annual meeting on February 23rd at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, W. 70th & Detroit Avenue. The keynote speaker was Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora.

A number of awards were presented at the meeting.

The Irene Catlin award was presented to West End Block Club Leader Sam Delgado, a long-term resident of W. 85th Street and one of the dedicated volunteers in the neighborhood.

Ray Zelch, owner of Lakefront Hardware at 7427 Detroit Avenue, was a recipient of a Community Spirit Award, representing neighborhood commitment and pride in his business. Zelch has been in business for over 45 years at the same location.

Fairview-Lutheran Foundation & West Fest also received a Community Spirit award for celebrating the West Side with the West Fest in October 2005 with an attendance of over 4500.

Earl and Mary Simmons, residents on W. 85th Street for over 40 years, received a Community Spirit Award for their work to improve the community.

Great Lakes Towing received a Neighborhood Improvement Award for making a $3.5 million investment in the construction of a new headquarters building on Whiskey Island and creating 25 new jobs in the community.   Significant in maritime towing and construction, the company has been known as “The Towing Company” since its inception in 1899.

Gia Hoa Ryan received a Neighborhood Improvement Award for her role in the creation of Sai Gon Plaza at W. 54th and Detroit. The effort involved the complete renovation the old Berger Building into a community center and museum, while making major improvements to both the facade and the interior.

Cyril Nalty and Scott Plate of 1917 W. 73rd St. purchased their double house in 1999, and made it into a restoration project. The whole house was restored with the help of the Cleveland Restoration Society.


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