APL offers cold weather tips

(Plain Press, March 2006) The Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL) is encouraging pet owners to take extra precautions to protect their animals from the cold weather.

The APL recommends that
•    Animals are brought inside, especially at night.
•    Outdoor animals are provided with adequate shelter that is raised off the ground and provides protection from the wind.
•    Dog houses should be filled with straw - not blankets that can become wet and freeze to an animal’s body.
•    Outdoor pets require additional nutrition. Feed high-quality pet food and increase the amount of food offered.
•    Fresh, unfrozen water must be available to pets.
•    Pay special attention to animal’s feet where ice can accumulate and cause soreness.

Humane Investigations Department wants to hear about suspected animal neglect in this community. To file a concern, visit www.ClevelandAPL.org , or call 216.771.4616, extension 130.


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