Prescription co-pays problems

(Plain Press, February 2006) In the last edition of the Plain Press, it was stated that non generic prescription co-pays of $2 or $3  were now in effect for adults on Medicaid.  However, the law states that if you do not have the money, the druggist must give you the medication and bill you. You must then pay this bill before you bring in another prescription.  If you have not paid your outstanding balance, you can be refused medication at that time.

There have been some instances where local druggists have refused medication when someone cannot pay the co-pay but does not have an unpaid balance.  We believe this to be wrong and are working to find out why this is happening.  If you have been refused service because of a co-pay, please call Tim Walters at the May Dugan Center at 631-5800 and let him know where and when this took place.


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