St. Herman’s Monastery celebrates
The Great Blessing of the Waters at Edgewater Park

(Plain Press, February 2006) On January 6th, a frigid winter day, with the temperature at 25° and the wind chill in the teens, Randall Laraway of St. Herman’s Monastery and House of Hospitality retrieves a cross from the icy waters of Lake Erie. January 6th is known to those of the Orthodox faith as Holy Theophany. The day marks the Epiphany or baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist in the River Jordan.

Bringing of the cross out of the water signifies a visual reminder and celebration of Theophany. St. Herman’s Monastery has performed the Blessing of the Waters for the last 20 years at the lower level of Edgewater Park.

The Reverand Father Vladimer Ivanow of St. Herman’s Monastery said, “Sanctification of the waters is very important because the water is used in the blessing of people and their houses with the opportunity to change their lives.”


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