Are you missing out on help with your heating bills?

(Plain Press, February 2006) Last November, Governor Taft freed up some state money to help with heating bills and also increased the eligibility level to 175% of poverty for the HEAP program. Since the prior eligibility level was 150%, this means more people were eligible to apply for assistance with heating bills. The most recent figures show, however, that not many people between the old eligibility level of 150% of poverty and this new level of 175% have applied for HEAP.  If you are under the income levels at the end of this article, please consider this program .

This may be just for this winter and is money in your pocket.  If you fall into the income levels below you are eligible.  Other than income, you just need to have a heating bill You can get applications at the May Dugan Center and at many Community Development Corporations.  Payments have averaged around $300.00.  Do not miss out.
175% of poverty    

family of 1 :  $16,748
family of 2 :  $22,453.
family of 3 :  $28,158.
family of 4 :  $33.863.
family of 5 :  $39,568.
family of 6 :  $45,273.   (Call Tim Walters at 631-5800 for larger family sizes)  


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