Lee Fisher chooses Detroit Shoreway neighborhood
to announce candidacy for Lieutenant Governor

(Plain Press, February 2006) On Thursday January 26th, Ohio gubernatorial candidate Congressman Ted Strickland announced that former Ohio Attorney General and 1998 Democratic gubernatorial nominee Lee Fisher is his choice for Lieutenant Governor.

The announcement of Fisher’s candidacy was made at the Ward 17 Office of Councilman Matt Zone at W. 65th and Detroit Avenue. Until recently, the site served as the Zone Travel Agency, which Peggy Zone Fisher managed for over 30 years. Peggy Zone Fisher is married to Lee Fisher, and is Councilman Matt Zone’s brother.

In choosing Fisher as his running mate, Strickland said, “I wanted someone with experience with Cleveland, someone who would send a message that we are serious about moving this region forward.”

Lee Fisher, who is leaving a position as Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Families and Children to join the campaign, said this is his fiftieth year in Cleveland. He said that while he spent five decades living on the East Side of the city, he married the West Side of the city. Fisher pledged to live in Northeast Ohio if elected as Lieutenant Governor. “As far as I know there is no Lieutenant Governor’s mansion, so I can rent an apartment in Columbus and live here.”

Fisher said the two opposition party candidates running for governor “had their hands on the levers of government for eight years and squandered their opportunity to make change. Why didn’t they take their ideas to the Republican Governor or the Republican State Legislature?”

“We need bold clear compelling ideas to move our state forward,” said Fisher. He then related a story about how his wife Peggy found a diary written by his father-in-law, former Councilman Michael Zone, while a prisoner of war in a Nazi prison camp. He said the diary planned in detail his future life even down to the taste and smell of the pasta dishes that his wife Mary would cook. He related Michael Zone’s detailed planning of his life vision done to the vision needed by the Ohio Democratic Party. “We need a vision so compelling, that people can see it, taste it, and smell it,” said Fisher.

“Lee and I intend to build an economic future for the state that is solid. To do that we have to build our educational system so it is solid,” said Strickland.  Strickland promised, “I’m going to focus on education. I’m going to take seriously what the Ohio Supreme Court has told the governor and the state legislature, and fully and fairly fund education in this state. And, we are going to make college affordable.”

Strickland said his concern was to build a foundation in Ohio that would prepare the state to help elect a president in 2008. “The race for the Governor of Ohio is the most important race in the nation in 2006,” said Strickland.


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