Scranton student is a grand prize winner in writing contest

(Plain Press, January 2006) Stephanie Bird, a sixth grade student at Scranton Elementary School, was one of six grand prize winners in the Great Lakes Theater Festival’s 15th Annual A Christmas Carol writing contest. Over 1,000 Cleveland Municipal School District students entered the contest, co-sponsored by the Cleveland Municipal School District’ s English Language Arts Department.

The six finalists were announced at a recent matinee performance of A Christmas Carol at the Ohio Theatre. Over 600 students from 12 district schools attended the performance.

The six grand prize winners, their teachers and families were treated to a private dinner at the Embassy Suites Hotel where professional read the winning essays.

Scranton Principal Mary Maul said she was very impressed by the readings of the essays. Maul says Stephanie Bird, who wants a career as a writer, is a student in the school’s bilingual program. Her winning essay was about a transformation her cousin experienced when his brother was about to go to Iraq. Stephanie Bird’s essay follows:

Modern-Day Scrooge
I know a modern-day Scrooge who is a part of my family. My cousin, Jose, was always mean, never cared about anyone but himself, never helped his wife with their kids, and was always lazy. His brother is going to Iraq for a year and after he comes back from Iraq he is going to get married. We decided to have an early Thanksgiving on the day before he left. When his wife started praying all you could see was tears coming down from Jose’s eyes and running down his cheeks. He told me that he realized how mean he was to his brother and that he is afraid that something might happen to his brother and his brother would never forgive him. He said he should tell him he is sorry now before it is too late. He said he should be nice to everybody because you never know when something is going to happen to somebody. That is how my cousin Jose changed his heart before it was too late.


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