IN MEMORIUM: John Vincent Sakacsi
Aug 27, 1945 to Oct 12, 2005

(Plain Press, December 2005) John Vincent Sakacsi, dear brother of Albert and Paul Sakacsi, beloved brother in Christ of St. Herman of Alaska Orthodox Monastery/House of Hospitality, St. Malachi Catholic Church, and neighbor and friend to the needy of Ohio City Near West Side.

John Sakacsi often took on the role of welcoming and greeting people at St. Herman’s Monastery/House of Hospitality.

John Vincent Sakacsi helped with every aspect of the daily life of hospitality at St. Herman’s Monastery for the last ten years.  John died of cancer at St. Herman’s on Wed., Oct. 12, 2005.

John was part of the community of the Little Brothers of the Divine Compassion.  As the monastery greeter, he directed and assisted people to the correct person to meet their needs, by knowing what and how to get things done.

John, described as the “Friend of friends”, touched the lives of people from every location of Greater Cleveland and from every walk of life. He always had a gracious and wide smile that lifted people’s spirits and revealed a humble and generous heart.  He always responded to people in a gentle and forbearing way.

John was a self-initiator who knew what needed to be done and how best to accomplish the task.  With four older men, John daily cleaned up the tree lawns on Franklin Blvd between W. 44th to W. 65th Sts. The saying, “If it is worth doing. It is worth doing right,” was a saying John incorporated into his work ethic.

John also took responsibilities helping with projects and events such as:  holiday picnics, the Kentucky Garden plot, the livestock of the field-garden, pets, meals, singing and caroling at the nursing homes, Edgewater Park clean-ups, accompanying people to the area hospitals, answering the telephones, overseeing food bags for mothers with children, and packing Christmas and birthday gifts.

John learned to help older people without taking away their independence. He was polite, practical, respectful and kind to the elderly.  John said, “You have to work with people the way they are, be patient and give them time they need.  That’s just the way it is.”

Abbot Fr. John Henry said, “John always left our neighborhood and the people better than he found them. He brought Christ,  and the light of Christ, to people.”

John’s funeral service was held at the old St. Mary/Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church, 6203 Detroit Ave. on October 19th, and he is buried at Riverside Cemetery.  Arrangements were made by Craciun-Berry Funeral Home.

John’s dedicated and devoted hard work will be greatly missed.


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