City Planning Commission supports zoning change on Lorain Avenue

(Plain Press, November 2005) Ward 17 Councilman Matt Zone’s ordinance to change the zoning on the north and south sides of Lorain Avenue from W. 67th to W. 73rd , from a General Retail Business District and a Semi-Industry District to a Local Retail Business District, received the approval of the City Planning Commission at its October 7th meeting. The legislation now moves to the City Council Planning Committee for further hearings.

A Local Retail Business District restricts use to of the area to residential uses, food stores, variety stores, shoe stores, drugstores, eating places, professional offices and other retail business uses that serve neighborhood needs.

The law requires that the use of all existing buildings in the area be allowed to remain, but there can be no additions or expansions of these uses without a special permit from the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization Executive Director Jeff Ramsey says the action is a “pre-emptive measure against used car lots and junk yards. “ He said the zoning is a continuation of a zoning district already in place east of the post office on Lorain Avenue.

Zone saying existing businesses already in the area can expand by use of a zoning variance. In the course of letting neighborhood businesses know of the zoning change, he said, Zone learned that E. L Mustee & Sons, a plumbing supply manufacturer at 6911 Lorain Avenue, wished to expand in the rear of its facility. Zone says he will support the expansion of the facility and has put the company in touch with Economic Development resources at City Hall.


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