Four local residents honored for fire rescue

(Plain Press, November 2005) Four Near West Side residents were honored with Citizen of the Year Awards at a Fire Fighters awards ceremony in Cleveland City Council chambers on October 13th.

 Robert Ackerman, Michael A. “Tony” Dunn, Jr., Brendan Joyce and Carson “Shorty” O’ Neal were presented the awards by Mayor Jane L. Campbell and Fire Chief Paul A. Stubbs for their roles in the rescue of an elderly man from a house fire on April 14th 2005 in the area near St. Patrick’s Church (W. 38th and Bridge.)

 On their way home from Urban Community School’s St. Wendelin Campus, Ackerman, Dunn and Joyce noticed smoke coming out of a house and heard a smoke alarm. The boys immediately checked to see if someone was still in the house. With the door unlocked and the windows open, they assumed someone was home. They called into the house and a man responded. Then eighth graders Ackerman and Joyce and 7th grade student Dunn each attempted to enter the house, but were forced to turn back when overcome by smoke.

 The boys then spotted O’Neal riding by on his bike and flagged him down. O’Neal entered the smoke-filled house and managed to carry an elderly man out to safety.

 During the rescue, Ackerman used Dunn’s cell phone to call 911. The Cleveland Fire Department arrived on the scene shortly after the man was pulled from the house and transported the victim to the hospital.


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