New community center opens in Clark-Metro Neighborhood

(Plain Press, July 2005) The Community Care Network Community Center held its grand opening on May 23rd at 3146 Scranton Avenue, in the former St. Michael’s and Cleveland Central Catholic High School building in the Clark-Metro neighborhood. Community Care Network (CCN) was formed in June of 2004 by the merger of Bridgeway and the Cleveland Christian Home.

The first floor of the building will be open to groups for community meetings, while the remainder of the building will house programs of four local nonprofit organizations. Housed at the new center are services of Bridgeway, an adult mental health services provider; The Cleveland Christian Home; the Domestic Violence Center; and the Hispanic and Urban Minority Alcoholism and Drug Outreach Program (HUMADOP).

Support for the building renovation came from the Cleveland Foundation, the Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation and the State of Ohio’s Capital Budget.

Funding for this $4.91 million project is from KeyBank.

For more information about CCN, call 216-476-0333.


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