Cleveland Innerbelt Plan considers traffic roundabout for Tremont

(Plain Press, June 2005) The first project to be completed by the Cleveland Innerbelt Plan will be the Quigley Road Connector. Work is slated to begin in January of 2006. According to the Spring 2005 issue of the Ohio Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) publication Innerbelt Access, the Connector project could include the Greater Cleveland area’s first “sophisticated traffic roundabout.” It said the roundabout on W. 14th “would allow traffic exiting I-71 to flow directly into the Industrial Valley, the Flats, and Steelyard Commons.”

ODOT says the Quigley Road Connector is designed to remove traffic from Tremont’s residential streets and calm traffic. ODOT says a decision on whether or not to build the roundabout will be made later this year, pending traffic studies.

According to ODOT, “Not to be confused with traffic circles built years ago, the modern roundabout drastically reduces accidents while improving traffic flow. Utilizing special-design geometry and ‘yield at entry’ methods, the roundabout boasts an average delay time that is less than half of a traditional signalized intersection.

“Deflection of a vehicle’s path at a center island at the approach virtually eliminates right angle and head-on collisions. Speeds below 30 mph increase decision time and reduce braking distance.”


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