Two local volunteers honored by The Center for Community Solutions

(Plain Press, April 2005) Two local volunteers were among six Greater Cleveland volunteers named Most Treasured Volunteers of 2004 by The Center for Community Solutions.

Clark-Fulton resident Christine Dunn was honored for her efforts at recruiting fellow workers at The Astrup Company to volunteer to tutor students at nearby Scranton Elementary School. Chris is the “sparkplug” of the Volunteer group at The Astrup Company in Cleveland’s Clark-Metro neighborhood. Because of her leadership more than 20 staff members tutor at least once a week at Scranton Road Elementary School. While working with the children, Chris realized that many students had trouble reading because they couldn’t see the words, and their families couldn’t afford eye exams and glasses. So Chris recruited her own eye doctor and spearheaded a “For Eyes” proposal to The Cleveland Foundation’s Neighborhood Connections program After being turned down once, she applied again, this time successfully.

Lakewood resident Patrick Murtha was honored for his volunteer work at the West Side Catholic Center on West 32nd and Lorain Avenue over the past 21 years.  A conservative estimate of the number of people he has helped on clothing days over that time period is 216,000. Pat continues to pass out clothing at the center twice a week, greeting people individually, cleaning up afterward and restocking the clothing for the next distribution.


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