Battery Park Update

(Plain Press, March 2005) On February 16th, the Internet newsletter Cool Cleveland reported that “Battery Park, a condo and apartment complex in the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood being developed by Marous Development to include meeting space, a deli, a bar and a dining room, along with an ambitious 325 units of single homes, townhomes and flats, was halted due to problems with the land deal on the former 13-acre Eveready site.”

Asked to comment on the Cool Cleveland story, Ward 17 Councilman Matt Zone told the Plain Press on February 24th that he had talked to Joe Ticone, who represents the landowner, Eveready, that morning.

Zone said that Marous Development originally was hired to do the demolition at the Eveready site. Zone noted that Marous Development was also given the right to purchase and develop the property after the demolition was completed. Zone said Marous made an offer to Eveready, but “the deal was not done.”

Councilman Zone said from his conversation with Ticone he believes the parties are getting very close to making a deal. “I felt really good they will have a deal soon,” said Zone.


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