Improvements planned for Cudell Commons

(Plain Press, September 2004) On July 28th Cudell Improvement, Inc. hosted an ice cream social at Cudell Commons, the grounds around Cudell Recreation Center , in order to unveil plans for improvements to be made there.

Over the next 18 months residents of the Cudell neighborhood can expect to see a number of changes at Cudell Commons. The largest undertaking will be the building of a $300,000 aquatic play structure at the rear of the recreation center. In addition, a new $50,000 amphitheater will be built on the Detroit Avenue side of the grounds.

The area around the recreation center on West Boulevard and on Detroit Avenue will receive new landscaping estimated to cost $85,000. Landscaping around the clock tower will be done at a cost of $55,000. Additional landscaping and some concrete work will be done at the Marion C. Seltzer School cul-de-sac just east of the recreation center, with estimated cost of $28,000. Improvements to the Recreation Center ’s entrance are estimated at $68,000. The park entrance along W. 98 th street on the school side is also slated for $31,000 in improvements. In addition $78,000 will be spent to make improvements to the parking lot.

Cudell Improvement board member Paul Vernon showed those attending the social some proposed changes to Detroit Avenue proposed by the neighborhood development corporation. The proposal calls for reducing Detroit Avenue to two lanes in each direction and creating a dedicated bike lane on the north side of Detroit Avenue between the north and south legs of West Boulevard , connecting riders to the lakefront bike path.

The proposal would also make West Boulevard and Detroit a four-way intersection and remove the right turn only rule at the intersection. The entrance to the RTA rapid transit station would be reconfigured to allow traffic to enter and leave the station from West Boulevard.


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