Candidates to be challenged to address health care reform
at town hall meeting

(Plain Press, September 2004) Community Partners for Affordable Accessible Health Care (CPAAHC) will hold a Town Hall Meeting on Saturday, October 2nd in the Atrium of Metro Health’s Campus from 9:30 am to noon .

The meeting will focus on CPAAHC’s Community Health Care Campaign, Seven Steps to 100% Health Care Access, that elicits candidates’ positions on important health care reform issues.

CPAAHC is a diverse coalition of community organizations, groups and individuals working to promote access, quality and public accountability in the delivery of health care services to moderate and low-income residents of Cuyahoga County. 

Elected leaders and candidates have been invited to the Town Hall meeting to hear community input, as well as respond to CPAAHC’s principles of health care reform.

CPAAHC’s seven principles state the following:

* Coverage for families on Medicaid must remain at the current levels.

* The Medicaid Program must remain an entitlement.

* The new Federal prescription drug law must be repealed or reformed.

* Adults (able-bodied and without children) who need health care must have viable options

* All newcomers to this country who need health care have viable options, regardless of their legal status

* The Federal Government must implement comprehensive universal health care coverage so that everyone has access to health care

* Mental Health Parity (Equal treatment for those with Mental Health Conditions) must be achieved

At the Town Hall meeting, community members will have the opportunity to speak to elected officials and candidates about their concerns about health care access and how these issues impact them. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. Light refreshments will be provided.

MetroHealth Center is at 2500 MetroHealth Dr. off Scranton Road . Contact Nicole McGee at 216-771-5077 for information.


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