Residents and owners of Starkweather Tavern
reach cooperation agreement

(Plain Press, August 2004) As reported earlier this year in the Plain Press, residents in the neighborhood around the Starkweather Tavern, 2572 Scranton Road , were concerned about noise and problems with the behavior of patrons of the tavern. A number of area residents stood in opposition to plans by the tavern owners to expand the tavern and create a new patio.

The Starkweather Tavern applied for a zoning variance before the Board of Zoning Appeals in order to build the patio. Residents submitted their objections to the variance.

In an effort to reach a compromise, the City of Cleveland Law Department drew up on June 23 rd a cooperative agreement among the following parties: the City of Cleveland, represented by Ward 14 Councilman Nelson Cintron Jr.; the Lincoln Heights Scranton-Starkweather Block Club, represented by its Chairperson Henry Senyak; Starkweather Tavern owner Liebations LLC, and the owner of the building, Charles Christopher Real Estate. LLC. Liebations was represented by its Chief Executive Officer Christopher Lieb, and its President, William Scanlon (the owner of the liquor permit 5191268 D1,3,3A,6). Christopher Lieb, also the owner of the building, represented Charles Christopher Real Estate.

The following agreement is tied to the deed of the property. If the property changes hands, the agreement still holds.

The parties agreed to cooperate as described below:

  1. The Owners agree to only operate the patio until 12 midnight . The opening time will remain flexible.
  2. The Owners will not permit any sound devices, including, but not limited to, radios, compact disc players, and public address systems, to be played on the patio. The Owners may install televisions on the patio, with the understanding that the sound for the television must be off at all times.
  3. The Owners will install video cameras in their parking lot. If they are able to gain permission from the neighboring property owners, the Owners will install cameras on those neighboring properties to ensure better coverage of the parking lot.
  4. The neighbors will permit the City access to view the tapes at any time.
  5. The Owners will install signs that inform patrons that they are under video surveillance.
  6. The Owners will install signs that state that there shall be no loitering at the premises.
  7. The Owners shall provide security during all hours of operation. The security personnel may be people who are already employed by the bar; however, they have to be clearly identified as security.
  8. The Owners will install a special phone line that will be the responsibility of the person in charge of security. This phone number will be distributed to the people in the neighborhood so that they have an immediate contact number if there is a safety concern.
  9. The Owners, or their agents, will daily patrol the premises for discarded bottles and other trash. They will patrol on Scranton from Auburn to Brevier and on Starkweather from Interstate 90 to the bar.
  10. The Owners, or their agents, will not place garbage bags in the dumpster in the evening and night hours; rather they will wait until the morning.
  11. The Owners will not place, or permit anyone to place, any pay phones on the patio or on the exterior of the building.
  12. The parties will meet on a quarterly basis to review the terms of this agreement and to address the concerns of the community.


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