Cleveland ’s Clean Indoor Air Campaign gains momentum

(Plain Press, August 2004) On July 20 th, 2004 the Cleveland Clean Indoor Campaign announced it has secured 5000 signatures of supporters officially endorsing a proposed ordinance that would eliminate secondhand smoke in indoor public spaces and workplaces including bars, restaurants, bowling alleys and bingo parlors.

“The Campaign is really gaining momentum and we are thrilled,” said Elijah Wheeler, coordinator for the Clean Indoor Air Campaign in Cleveland . “We not only surpassed the 5,000 mark for individual endorsers, but we have 68 organizations and corporations backing our efforts as well,” he said.

“Although we are making some progress in educating people about the serious hazards of smoking, awareness of the harmful impacts of passive smoking (secondhand smoke) has been a more difficult target in our community,” says Derek Raghavan, MD, PhD, PACP, Chair and Director of the Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Center . “ It’s a tragedy for anyone to develop cancer of the lung, bladder, throat, stomach, esophagus and prostate as a result of a smoking habit. Perhaps it’s even worse when the victim is not a smoker, but has simply had the very bad fortune to share an office or a work environment with a selfish colleague.”

To find out more about the Clean Indoor Air Campaign in Cleveland and how to become an endorser, call (216)781-2944, ext.413, or visit


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