OCNW election results

(Plain Press, July 2004) At the April 21 st Annual Meeting of Ohio City Near West some wrinkles in the voting process delayed the counting of the ballots. Twelve candidates competed for seven open positions of the Ohio City Near West (OCNW) Development Corporation Board of Trustees. Results were finally announced at 9:15 p.m. said OCNW Safety and Outreach Coordinator Megan T. Wilson in a neighborhood e-mail message.

A number of people who had to leave before the final results were available, have asked that the Plain Press publish the election results. The following seven people will fill 3-year terms on the OCNW Board of Trustees, 2004-2007: Millie I. Caraballo, Michael Fiala, Anthony Fossaceca, Abigail Horn, Minerva Perez Vargas, Bob Shores and Molly Wieser.


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