West Boulevard is unique in that its population has remained relatively stable for the last fifty years. The neighborhood did experience the loss of residents (between 1980 and 1990), but since that time the population loss has decelerated.

Location:Lorain Avenue comprises the northern border of this community. It also serves as the central commercial area for West Boulevard. West 117th Street is the definitive western border while both West 73rd Street and railroad tracks make up the eastern border. Clark Avenue constitutes a section of the northern border and West Boulevard is easily accessible from the interstate. Neighborhood Map.

West Boulevard is flush with one and two-family homes. Most of the housing stock dates back to the time between 1900 and 1930.

Many homes in this area have lovely front porches, a bonus to any homeowner.

The median sales price of homes in this neighborhood in 1999 was $65,000. While 24% of the homes sold between $75 - 99,000, there were also many affordable housing opportunities with 28% of the homes selling for between $40 - 59,000.

There are also many small apartment houses that are found at the corners of tree lined streets.

The commercial center in West Boulevard is Lorain Avenue. The area is often referred to as the Historic Lorain Station District. Westown Square and Lorain Avenue between West 85th and West Blvd are the main shopping areas.

The early development of Lorain Avenue was due, in part, to the Cleveland Electric Railway Company streetcar line. Today there has been significant renovation of these commercial Buildings.

Part of Lorain is now famous as an Antique avenue.

The storefront renovations and housing development have been assisted by Westown Community Development Corporation (941-9262) and Cudell Improvement Inc. (228-4383).

Recreation opportunities are available at Edgewater Park north of the neighborhood and at Halloran Park and Skating Rink (West 117th and Linnet) and Mercedes Cotner Park (West 95th south of Dennison.

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